A critical issue for Calgary is prioritizing a smart spending agenda. As your next Ward 6 Councillor I will focus on preserving tax rates for businesses and households while ensuring strong, sound financial controls are in place.

Over the past several years we have witnessed a time of significant economic crisis, which has negatively impacted those living in our community. As a husband and father of three, it is important to me to see Calgary advance forward in a fiscally responsible direction.  One that supports local businesses of all sizes and allows our citizens to grow, flourish and take advantage of all that our city can offer. 

We deserve better value for our tax dollars. As your next Ward 6 Councillor, I will fight effectively to see that our next administration moves away from a tax and spend philosophy to focus on a collaborative agenda of sensible spending priorities over the long-term. 

I will ensure the needs of Ward 6 are not overlooked. I am running for Calgary City Council because I am focused on driving growth, not falling behind.  I want essential projects completed on time and on budget.  I want to rein in wasteful spending and ensure we work together to build safe and vibrant communities for generations to come

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I’m Jeff Davison, a life-long Calgarian and I want us to focus on what’s important. People. Let’s work together to ensure our voice is heardVote Jeff Davison for Ward 6 Councillor in the Calgary Municipal Election on October 16.

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