Jeff Davison

City of Calgary Councillor for Ward 6

We Can. We Will.

I got into politics because, as a lifelong Calgarian and father to three young kids, I’ve been worried about Calgary’s future.

As an elected official, I don’t have all the answers. But after spending the last four years on Council, I do know this: we have too many challenges ahead of us not to collaborate.

That’s why I’ve always tried to be a leader who brings people together, finds common ground, and gets things done for the good of all Calgarians.

Yes, we’ve got a world of challenges. But we can overcome them by pulling together and building on our strengths.

We can't fight for the common good if we’re too busy fighting each other. Agree?

Let's Grow on Our Terms

Building on our Strengths

I see how business and politics can work together to make this City thrive again - and I bet you do, too. We can honour our past without getting stuck there. By building on our strengths in energy, and our history as an entrepreneurial city that cares about its people, we can attract new business investment in Calgary that allows us to safely diversify our economy without leaving anyone behind.

Practical Collaboration

We don’t have time for endless debates and division. And we can’t pick fights with every other level of government and expect their support. To get everyone back on their feet, Councillors have to work alongside all levels of government - especially each other.

Throughout my first term, I’ve proven that I can negotiate workable solutions to some very big challenges that reflect the values of the whole community.

Attract New Investment

Whether you came to Calgary from another part of the world or another part of the country, you came here for one thing: opportunity. As the only Council board member on Calgary Economic Development, I’ve helped build a plan that is growing the tax base (not the tax rate), and is attracting record levels of international investment to job-creating Calgary companies.

The challenges of the last few years have reinforced the importance of community. Be part of our campaign.

"Calgary is young, smart, and entrepreneurial - and we care deeply about each other. Looking back many years from now, I want to say I did everything I could to keep it that way."
—Jeff Davison