It's time to get the Event Centre built

It’s time to bring major A-list concerts and entertainment events back to Calgary, and boost our local economy by keeping entertainment dollars local. It’s time to support local artists with a venue that allows them to gain renown as opening acts, while also ensuring the Calgary Flames stay for another 35 years.

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The Event Centre is just one way Jeff Davison is making Calgary the best place to live – anywhere.

The Event Centre is a world class facility that Calgarians believe will offer an enormous source of pride—world-class facility befitting a world-class city. It will support our growth through international tourism, allowing us to host major concerts and sporting events that currently go to Edmonton, Vancouver, and even Saskatoon.

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More than hockey

Realize Calgary's Potential

A great deal for Calgarians

City retains ownership of the facility, but only pays for 50% — plus the Flames organization is responsible for any cost overruns.

Bring back major concerts and events

Modern concert stages are too heavy for the Saddledome. This means Calgarians miss out on major concerts and it hurts our local economy.

Support local business

Every time a concert skips Calgary, it’s not just concert goers that miss out. Small business, hotels, restaurants and bars and lose money that could be spent here.

It takes a team to succeed

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Jeff’s opponents would not have approved the Event Centre. In fact, they voted against it. Jeff Davison needs your help to make sure Calgary never gives up on economic recovery, on tourism, and on downtown recovery. Sign up to volunteer today.

It’s time to bring major concerts back to Calgary

Since the mid-2010’s, concert stages have been too heavy for the Saddledome’s aging roof. As a result, major acts have started to skip Calgary and add extra nights in Edmonton instead. When concerts skip Calgary, it’s not just Calgary concert goers who miss out. Hundreds of local businesses miss out on tourism and entertainment dollars that go to other cities instead.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake didn’t include Calgary in his 2019 The Man of the Woods Tour. He did, however, put on two shows in Edmonton as well as shows in Winnipeg, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City.



Drake made two stops in Edmonton in 2018 at Rogers Place, but didn’t include Calgary in his Aubrey and the Three Migos tour. He also made stops in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

In 2018, Paul McCartney’s Freshen Up Tour skipped Calgary but made stops in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Quebec City and Montreal.

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Calgarians understand that this facility will enhance our community both economically and culturally. Support Jeff as he works tirelessly to revitalize Calgary while growing and diversifying our economy.

This Event Centre is a tremendous opportunity for new investment. It is a grand venue that will international investment, concerts, and conventions that now go nearly everywhere but here.

Jeff Davison

It’s time for Calgary to move forward and get things done

It’s critical that Calgary attracts new business investment and new industries. That’s why we need projects like the Event Centre that spur local economic development and make Calgary attractive to tech companies and younger workers.

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