Calgary Economic Development - Economic Development Investment Fund

Originally posted March 20, 2018

Here’s a story that I believe deserves more traction than it received.

Yesterday morning, City Council granted final approval for the Economic Development Investment Fund (EDIF). This development is absolutely massive for our City’s economic recovery.

Challenging times require bold thinking and leadership. The boom and bust cycle of the oil and gas industry economy has created uncertainties in our growth, and I believe that the “business-as-usual” mentality will not create the conditions required to grow and diversify our economy.

This move by City Council is a step in the right direction towards putting people back to work and getting our City back on its feet.

The EDIF will be a valuable tool as we market our talent workforces, business advantages and quality-of-life to spur economic development, investments attraction and retention of businesses and jobs in Calgary.

I’ve heard you loud and clear. Our economy is the top of mind issue for Calgarians. Let’s ensure Calgary stays a world-class city.