Changes to Park and Ride at 69 Street and Sirocco Stations

February 12, 2019

We’re making some changes to Park and Ride to better meet customer demand for parking. Starting March 1, 2019, more reserved parking will be offered at 69 Street Station, and more free parking will be available at Sirocco Station.

A revision to The City’s Park and Ride policy, which was directed by City Council, states that Calgary Transit can offer up to 50% of stalls for reserved parking per leg* of each CTrain line. Prior to this, up to 50% of stalls per lot could be reserved. Under the new policy it’s easier to offer reserved parking where there is higher demand, so long as the total number of reserved stalls does not exceed 50% per leg.

Generally reserved parking throughout the system is sufficient to meet demand; however, demand exceeds supply in a few areas, particularly on the Blue Line West. 69 Street Station has the largest reserved parking waitlist of all stations, while there is no waitlist at nearby Sirocco Station. As a result, we will allocate more reserved parking at 69 Street where demand is high, and reduce reserved parking at Sirocco where demand is low. This also means that free parking stalls will be reduced at 69 Street, but increased at Sirocco.

Maps of the new parking configuration (effective March 1, 2019)

We will continue to review reserved parking demand at our Park and Ride lots and adjust as needed, within the revised Park and Ride policy.

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