FAQs: Changes to Park and Ride at 69 Street and Sirocco Stations

February 13, 2019

What are the changes?
Starting March 1st, more reserved spots will become available at 69 Street Station, and more unreserved spots will be made available at Sirocco Station.

What is the distance between the two stations?
The two stations are about 1.6km apart, or a 5-minute drive away.

What is the demand for reserved parking at 69 Street?

Currently, the wait list for parking at 69 Street Station is roughly 2000 people. Customers currently pay on a month to month basis and are constantly asked to opt-out.

Should a customer choose to opt-out, the next person on the waitlist is notified and given 24 hours to commit.

How many people park and ride at 69 Street Station?

6300 daily passenger trips start at 69 Street Station. Almost 85% of customers get to the station by other means other than driving and parking (52% take the bus, 31% walk, 11% park and ride, 4% are dropped off, 1% cycle)

Did Calgary Transit look at tweaking reserved times? Is the parking lot utilized?

Yes. By 10am, on average at least 85% of the time all reserved spots are taken. Obviously, it depends day to day on the total, but on average, the lots are utilized to full capacity.

Tweaking the time does little to accommodate the people who pay for a spot and have needs like late morning school drop off and pay for the flexibility. 

We know that while uptick might not be high at 8:30am, the spots are fully utilized by 10am – when they become unreserved for everyone.

Is this a cash grab by the City? 

No. On the contrary, this is a reallocation. 11.5% of the stalls at Sirocco station are reserved – therefore, roughly 88% of the stalls at Sirocco are unreserved.

Is there a cost related to parking?

Yes. Park and Ride lots are expensive to construct and maintain. A surface lot costs $5,000 to $8,000 per stall and structured parking (e.g. a parkade) costs $35,000 to $50,000 per stall. 

As well, it’s expensive to operate and maintain parking lots (e.g., security, snow clearing, cleaning, sweeping, line painting, electricity, garbage collection and pavement patching). 

Does the City do anything to stop spot “subletting”?

Calgary Transit does monitor ads for people who “sublet” on other platforms like Kijiji and routinely sends letters to desist. Calgary Transit will be looking further into this issue.

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