Government Assistance and Benefits Information: COVID-19

March 31, 2020

This website has been adapted from information compiled and published freely by Dr. Jennifer Robson, Associate Professor of Political Management at Carleton University. You can read the original document here: . Dr. Robson is not affiliated with this website or its publishers. Any errors or omissions in adapting Dr. Robson’s are the sole responsibility of


Do you have questions about EI, Caregiver Benefits, rent subsidies and other programs? The following links have access to information that you need to apply for government aid, in plain language.

Have you or someone you know asked the following questions?

  1. Who can I call for information or to ask a question about financial support from government right now?
  2. I need to take sick leave because I’m ill or self-isolating or have to quarantine.
  3. I can’t work because I’m caring for someone who is sick.
  4. I’ve been laid off.
  5. I am at home because my kids cannot go to school or daycare. I need money to make ends meet.
  6. My employer can’t pay me but I haven’t been laid off
  7. I’m not sure that my employer is following the rules
  8. I’m self-employed. What benefits can I get ?
  9. I’m a college or university student and I was counting on my summer job to pay tuition in the fall. What do I do?
  10.  I’m having trouble keeping up with my rent. Is there help for me?

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