Green Line LRT Update: New Administrative Recommendations

June 15, 2020

I have been working closely with my colleagues and administration over the past few days to move the Green Line LRT project in the right direction. These revised administrative recommendations are a product of that hard work and collaboration.

The revised recommendations do important things to reduce risk and protect Calgary taxpayers during this time of uncertainty. The introduction of a “stage-gate” process, and the splitting of Segment 2 into two parts: (Segment 2A - Elbow River to downtown and Segment 2B - Downtown to 16th Avenue N) allows the project to move ahead in a measured and responsible way.

Important decisions about Segment 2A will be made in late 2020. Decisions about Segment 2B will be made in 2021, following more consultation and planning.

The next phases in the development of LRT will be done in accordance with the RouteAhead Project Prioritization Framework, which is overseen by the Transportation and Transit Committee.

Doing so will allow a conversation at Council about prioritizing the extension south to McKenzie Towne and starting with the “one good line” as I have called for.

North Calgary also benefits, as we move ahead and prioritize the development of a functional plan for a flexible and convertible mobility corridor in North Central Calgary, that will accommodate a progression to a convertible BRT/LRT corridor.

All in all, these recommendations are a big improvement. I look forward to tomorrow’s debate and discussion.

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