Statement - Hiring Practices and Expenses in the Ward 6 Office

February 19, 2020

In light of comments circulating on some social platforms regarding the hiring of Ward 6 Staff and the greater conversation of Ward budgets and expenses, here is a brief statement to clarify facts and address misinformation:

Following my election in 2017, I hired Steve Chapman, who acted as my co-campaign manager, on a contract basis. Over a six-month term, Steve provided constituency-related communication and policy analysis on wide-ranging issues from traffic and taxation to other areas of City business. He also provided communication-related support. Steve provided my Office with 60-75 hours per month of support for a fee of $3000 per month.

It is common practice, and entirely appropriate, to hire trusted and knowledgeable campaign staff to provide similar support within a Ward Office. Cost related to Steve’s contract are publicly available online and have been since 2018.

City Councillors have an office budget set aside in order to provide our constituents with the best possible service that they expect from their elected officials. In any given month, we often deal with hundreds of issues that require a team to address appropriately. Having an appropriately staffed Office allows us to deal with these issues effectively and efficiently.

As a taxpayer myself, I am extremely judicious with my own office budget. My Office expenses are thousands of dollars less than what I budget. In 2019, I returned a variance of $34,000 of unallocated funds back to the City of Calgary.

If you would like any further context on the hiring protocol of my Office, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. The entire Ward 6 Office budget is publicly available, and can be found here:

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