On the Ongoing Mural Controversy

August 12, 2020

I have had a few people contact me regarding the mural controversy.

I voted against the mural proposal when it first appeared before City Council because I felt that there was not adequate consultation on location, cost, or consideration of the idea at the time. While I respect City Council’s decision to proceed with the new art, I too was frustrated over the proposed painting-over of the Giving Wings to the Dream mural by the old CUPS building.

Ultimately, I do not believe painting-over the existing mural is an appropriate course of action, especially given the symbolic nature the piece has to the Calgary Urban Project Society and all who support homeless and at-risk Calgarians.

I do not think that something valid and vital, like the symbolism behind the Giving Wings piece, should be the subject of revisionism – especially as our community moves forward together. I support the relocation of the new mural somewhere else where it can be featured prominently.

City Administration has heard the call loud and clear. We are pleased to report that the City is working with all stakeholders to find an appropriate and more permanent downtown site for the new mural. The City of Calgary will work with the Calgary Arts Development Authority and Pink Flamingo on a future engagement and communications strategy.

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