My Thoughts on the Kinder Morgan Announcement

May 10, 2018

Original posted April 10, 2018

Sunday’s news that Kinder Morgan is suspending non-essential spending on the Trans Mountain Pipeline came as a major disappointment to me -- not because I am a public official with the City of Calgary, but because I am a Canadian concerned about the severe repercussions on the state of our economic union. 

There is no secret that Ward 6 residents, and residents throughout the City of Calgary are tied to the oil and gas sector. Many Calgarians have anxiety about job security and their economic well being since the prolonged downturn began. These are our friends, neighbours, our families – but they are also our hockey coaches, teachers, business owners, etc. This economic downturn affects all Calgarians one way or another.

To turn our economy around, it is in the best interest of all Canadians to support Alberta in getting our responsibly extracted energy products to tidewater. The economy of our City, province and the entire country depend on it.

For decades, Alberta has been the economic engine that has driven our nation to prosperity. Equalization payments from Alberta’s economy have subsidized the very provinces that are against the expansion of pipelines. While the sector was booming, Calgary and Alberta were the beacon of hope for tens of thousands of people who moved here to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Alberta is a global leader in the responsible management of oil and gas extraction and shipment. Our entire energy sector is known for its ethical behaviour and environmental stewardship throughout the world. I remind my provincial and federal counterparts that both orders of government have collected more revenues from Calgarians than they have ever returned to our City in the form of public services and funding. 

I condemn the hypocrisy of activists who raise no concerns with respect to oil imports coming into our country from regimes like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. I also condemn the inaction by the Federal government to this point. The inaction by the Liberal government on this file risks an interprovincial trade war and questions the very vitality of our union. It is time our Prime Minister enforced his words to move forward with the Kinder Morgan proposal.

Calgarians demand “real leadership” with respect to pipeline action, now more than ever. Please support Alberta’s energy sector and help get this pipeline in the ground today. 

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