City of Calgary, Calgary Sports and Entertainment and Calgary Stampede Agree to Create New Event Centre

July 22, 2019

I am pleased to announce an agreement between the City of Calgary, Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation and the Calgary Stampede regarding the construction of a new Event Centre in east Victoria Park!

The agreement lays out the terms of a partnership that will see the creation of facilities to serve as public gathering places for significant events; attract world-leading performing artists, and serve as the new home to the Flames, Hitmen and Roughnecks.

As I’ve said before – this isn’t just about hockey. The new event centre and surrounding cultural and entertainment district will be where Calgarians will watch concerts, attend festivals, sporting events, and most importantly make memories with friends and family.

Today is about community building, and how we move our City forward. Together, three partners have agreed to a vision about how we imagine our City and create the Calgary of tomorrow.

As proud Calgarians, we look forward to sharing in the success of this facility and a revitalized Culture and Entertainment District in the decades to come.

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