Remarks to Council Regarding a Potential Event Centre

October 10, 2018

My remarks to Council regarding a potential Event Centre and Entertainment District for Calgary.

As Council is aware, you previously approved the Event Centre Assessment Committee’s Term of Reference, follow by our guiding Principles (developed in part with the help of Cllr. Colley-Urquhart – thank you) which included bringing any key information or critical decisions back to council on a timely basis for review or approval.

Today your Worship, we are here to attain Councils approval on “Recommending to Council that the Event Centre Assessment Committee, on behalf of the City, re-engage in partnership conversations with Calgary Sport and Entertainment Corporation regarding a new Event Centre within the culture and entertainment district, based on the revised principles adopted by Council in Report ECA-2018-0942.”

In short Your Worship, we are asking Council for its approval today to engage with the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation to consider becoming a development partner in what we believe, is a catalytic move not only for Victoria Park, but is a first step in moving our strategic vision for Calgary’s Entertainment and Cultural district towards execution.

Not only would this plan generate significant dollars in tax revenue for the District, to the benefit of all Calgarians – it would introduce hundreds of thousands of annual visitors to the area, be a new home to host the Calgary Flames, conduct practices, boxing, MMA, E-sport competitions, community events and of course, host world-class performers and concerts that our city is currently being passed over by.

Of note, we would also like to update you today in that committee is undertaking work to prove out the principal of “Public Dollars must be used for Public Benefit”.

The committee has approved, in principal, undertaking a third party economic impact evaluation for the district. The study will be overseen by Calgary Economic Development, and will be funded by Calgary Municipal Land Corporation.

Of course Council, why we’re here is because ,one of this is necessary or can happen unless we first have a conversation with our potential partner. After receiving a response to my letter to CSEC dated May 31, 2018 – on June 4 of this year, they responded and asked us to advise them on how the City would like to proceed. At that time, it was informally discussed, that the City would come back to Calgary Sport and Entertainment Corporation with a vision and master plan relating to where a new Event Centre would fit into Council priorities.

Today, we would like to present Council with that plan.

Thank you for your consideration on this matter Council. I’d be happy to answer any questions pertaining to this request following the presentation.

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