I’m Jeff Davison, and I’m Seeking Re-election to be Your City of Calgary Councillor for Ward 6!

January 22, 2021

I’ve heard people say, “I know Calgary is one of the best places to live but, for me it doesn’t always feel that way.”

I get it. The last five years have been tremendously difficult for Calgarians, and there’s no shortage of challenges ahead. We’ve seen it all: a pandemic, a collapse in global oil prices, and a world-wide economic downturn.

The good news is, we’ve got plenty of strengths to build on. Calgary is about more than just white hats and oil. We’re young, smart, and entrepreneurial. We care deeply about each other. We’ve always overcome hard times by pulling together. That’s why our recovery isn’t a question of “if,” but “how.”

So, if we want our City to thrive again, it’s time for bold ideas. We don’t have time for endless debate and division. We need to negotiate workable solutions that reflect the values of the whole community.

I’ve always tried to be a leader who brings people together, finds common ground, and works for the good of all Calgarians to get things done.

During my first term, I’ve worked hard to move the needs of Ward 6, and the whole city forward.

Through my work on Calgary Economic Development, Council endorsed ‘Calgary In The New Economy’, a long term road map to reigniting our economy and putting Calgarians to work. We now have a record level of venture capital coming into Calgary to fund innovative companies and are capitalizing on a string of recent billion dollar transactions across multiple sectors.

I helped deliver the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund which has brought thousands of new jobs and has attracted much needed private investment in our City. The fund has created an incredible return for Calgarians of $15 of economic activity leveraged for every dollar spent.

I’m a Director of the Calgary Film Centre, and helped the facility reach an occupancy rate of 100%, while boosting our multi-billion dollar creative and digital media industry. Calgary is once again capitalizing on our claim as “Hollywood North.”

After conversations with the City and Calgary Flames Collapsed in 2017, I was told a new event centre would never happen in Calgary. I took on the nearly impossible challenge, and built a new team that delivered a deal that was fair to all parties. The deal included a much bigger vision: that of an Entertainment and Cultural district. Calgary’s new Event Centre is a multi-functional anchor that is a critical component in supporting Calgary’s culture and economic development by enhancing our reputation as an international attraction destination. In addition, the new deal secured nearly $75 million for amateur sport in Calgary. I am looking forward to breaking ground on the new Calgary Event Centre in the fall.

The Ward 6 team works incredibly hard to meet the needs of our constituents. The key to success in any organization is people. Our talented team is committed to improving life for everyone we serve.

Another milestone of this term was the creation and expansion of parks and community spaces across Ward 6, including the funding and opening of the Springbank Hill Community Park: a 7-acre gathering place and community hub right in the heart of the Ward. This project was a dream of the Springbank Hill Community Association, who for over 10 years envisioned, designed, consulted and created a park for all Calgarians to enjoy.

We also helped create new public spaces in West Springs and Signal Hill, new playgrounds in Glamorgan and Glendale and this spring we will be opening a new 10 acre public space in the community of Cougar Ridge.

We’ve also addressed significant concerns about the local transportation network. Important improvements for Ward 6 roads include a $20 million Bow Trail expansion, a Sarcee and Richmond Road redesign in preparation for the future interchange and 37th Street Main Street upgrades. We've addressed problematic and dangerous intersections in every community in Ward 6 including Old Banff Coach Road and Cougar Ridge Drive.

We are actively advocating for a footbridge at Sirocco LRT station to rapidly improve flow of traffic, pedestrian safety and transit access. We have also prioritized community connectivity and walk-ability across the Ward.

As a father of three young children, I’m committed to helping the City execute a growth strategy that builds on our strengths as an energy hub and entrepreneurial city while balancing economic, social, and environmental priorities.

In hard times, the key to resiliency is to stick together, and maintain a sense of hopefulness. And we do have reasons for hope. Calgary is young, smart, and resilient. Yes, it’ll take bold ideas and bold leadership to overcome our challenges. But we can. And we will.

So goodbye 2020. Hello 2021.

P.S. The challenges of the last few years have reinforced the importance of community. Be part of our campaign.

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