Reinvesting in Calgary’s Parks Network

June 03, 2021

Calgarians love our parks. It’s one of the reasons we have such an amazing quality of life. We have more than 5600 public park sites and over 800 kilometres of paved urban pathways - the longest system on the continent.  

To maintain our parks network and ensure they’re here for a long time to come, Cllr. Ward Sutherland and I are submitting a Notice of Motion that calls for 500K in existing reserved funds to be allocated to Calgary Parks. 

The Notice also directs funds into the ENMAX Legacy Parks Capital Program which will allow for new land purchase and maintenance of existing parks and green spaces. It also re-establishes the Legacy Parks Steering Committee to provide oversight on the Legacy Parks Program.

Through this motion, we’re protecting our parks without new spending, new taxes, or user fees. This motion will make sure our parks stay safe, clean, open, and green. 

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