Remarks Defending the Olympic Bid Plebiscite - October 31, 2018

November 01, 2018

Council, what more is there for us to say? Right now, Calgarians need leadership. Real political leadership. Because, before us today, we have a decision that will shape our City’s story.

Before us today, we have a signed proposal on the funding arrangement. This was the missing piece required, that ensures Calgarians have all the answers they need, to make an educated vote.

The deal before us is a good deal. The City’s share is approximately $390 Million dollars.

On our share: the City has identified that it would be spending approximately $350 Million on legacy and infrastructure updates over the next two budget cycles anyway. We are talking about a capital increase of $40 million.

To be clear we would spend $390 Million dollars to leverage approximately $4.4 Billion dollars of investment in our City that is desperately needed.

A deal like this comes once in a generation. I have always said I would support the plebiscite as long as we had numbers that made sense, and that we could present to Calgarians.

Today, we’ve seen the numbers, and they do make sense. I am confident that the information required for plebiscite is now there.

I remind you, business deals are always fluid. However, today we’ve set the parameters in which the deal can be finalized. A deal that is in the best interest of Calgarians.

Should this fail at plebiscite, then so be it. I remain committed to supporting the will of Calgarians who vote on November 13, 2018. My conscious will be clear, knowing that Calgarians now have the numbers to make the choice, and that we did our best to ensure a good deal and good plan for all of Calgary.

But let me be clear. To abandon the plebiscite after the news of this deal is a slap in the face to the democratic process. Council, it’s time for us to finally follow up on what we promised Calgarians what we would do.

We promised Calgarians that we would provide them with the information and a funding agreement before the plebiscite. We’ve done that now. Are we really considering backing down on what we promised, at a critical time where we are rebuilding trust with the public?

As Council’s representative to Calgary Economic Development, I strongly urge you to vote against this reconsideration.

We all hold accountability as a virtue. Let’s prove it today and follow up on what we promised to do. It’s now time for Calgarians to make the final decision. Sign the agreement, let’s go vote.

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