Let’s unlock the Calgary film industry’s potential

There are many people running for mayor, but Jeff Davison is the only one with a background in film. He has helped build Calgary's film industry which will help diversify the economy and create new jobs. It's important that the next mayor understands how to support one of our strongest growing sectors.

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Only Jeff Davison can champion Calgary's film industry and build it to a level where it will prosper on its own.

Calgary has evolved into a vibrant community that is home to an eclectic mix of talent including actors, producers, writers and technicians who have all made Alberta their artistic home. Calgary needs a strong leader with a vision to help grow this sector and Jeff Davison is that leader.

Expanding our economy

There's room to grow even more

The Calgary Film Centre has become a hub for the film and TV industry

A strong film industry expands the range of industries available for Calgarians. Diversity creates sustainable jobs and opportunities for all Calgarians.

Create jobs and generate new opportunities within the Calgary region

Our growing film industry provides jobs, economic growth, and opportunities to Calgarians. We can create more jobs to support this industry.

Diversify the economy

Expand the range of industries available for Calgarians. Create sustainable jobs and opportunities for the next generation of Calgarians.

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It takes a team to win


We need your help! Everyone is welcome to sign up as a volunteer and be part of our mission to promote, grow, and champion the Calgary film industry.

Jeff Davison has been part of Calgary's film industry for over 30 years and knows it is an integral part of the city's economy. Jeff also understands government cannot create jobs, but that it can put forward policies to encourage job creation.

How would Jeff Davison support the Calgary film industry? Here are the specific steps he would take:

Attracting major films

Jeff would work with Calgary Economic Development to meet with major film studios and attract major films to Calgary.

Making it easier to get film permits

Bring industry associations together to work with the City of Calgary Zoning Commission, so it's easier to get permits to shoot on public property.

Creating and maintaining a database of locations that are available for filming

This would be a place where we could track what is being used and when, and who has access to the space. A database like this would make it easier for film companies to find suitable locations, especially in order to film exterior scenes.

Creating a cohesive organization to advocate for the film industry in Calgary

This group would be responsible for advocating and setting policies that will ensure the long-term viability of the industry in our city. This is essential, since we also need to constantly work within a rapidly changing industry - especially when it comes to new digital technology requirements.

Working with Alberta Culture to help the various festivals and want-to-be festivals in Calgary

Since these festivals help grow the economy and bring in more tax dollars that keep taxes low, they should be prioritized for regulatory approval.

Matching Quebec’s Tax Credit for Foreign Productions

In 2009, Quebec introduced the Tax Credit for Foreign Productions to incentivize local and foreign film productions alike to shoot in Quebec. Since then, this policy has generated over $500 million in economic revenue and was responsible for creating 10,000 jobs annually. Source: Invest Quebec

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I am very passionate about Calgary's role in international movie and TV production. That is why I have been such a strong supporter of Calgary's multi-billion dollar creative and digital media industries. As the Director of The Calgary Film Centre, I helped increase the facility's occupancy rate from 20% to 100% between 2018 and 2020.

Jeff Davison

To grow the film industry in Calgary, we need to elect Jeff Davison

Jeff Davison will champion the Calgary film industry. This will help diversify Calgary's economy and create new jobs. He is the only candidate with a background in film and has a proven track record building the Calgary film industry.

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