RE: Webber Academy's Desired Purchase of Dedicated Public School Land

February 11, 2021

In new communities, land dedication for publicly-funded schools is allocated in advance of residential development. The land adjacent to Webber Academy was allocated to the Calgary Catholic School Board for a potential high school and is serviced and site ready. When and if a new high school is built, it will be under the jurisdiction of the Catholic School Board and the Provincial Education Ministry. It is up to them to prioritize the school on their capital plan. It has been acknowledged there is a significant need for a west side publicly funded High School due to the forecasted population growth in the area.

It is important to note that the land is under the governance of the Joint Use Coordinating Committee (JUCC) agreement. What this means is that if the Catholic School Board chooses not to use this land in the future, then the Calgary Public Board and the Francophone Board would have an option to use the land instead. Webber Academy is aware of the JUCC agreement and the challenges to purchase the land for their use.

The Ward 6 Office is aware of the current traffic conditions due to existing school drop off and pick up times. Counter to the argument of further traffic issues created if a new school were to be built, a Traffic Impact Study would be conducted to determine building location, drop off and pick up zones, potential signals, traffic flow and additional egress/ingress solutions. These solutions include exploring options to access the site from 17th Avenue on the west side of a new school, and an access point at 93rd – options that would not take traffic through the community. This entire process would be public and would consist of significant public engagement before any shovels hit the ground. It is premature to make speculative assumptions around traffic, especially when there are multiple stakeholders and many current unknowns, including the timing and funding of a new high school itself.

I very much support the need for a publicly funded high school in the community and will certainly engage and communicate with residents when there is a proposal on the table.

It is non-productive to go down the road of rumour and speculation at this time.

I am here to support our community and encourage those concerned to contact Trustee Lory Iovinelli, MLA Mike Ellis, Minister Demetrios Nicolaides and Education Minister Adriana LaGrange with their advocacy.


Jeff Davison – City of Calgary Ward 6

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