Years of hard work result in agreement to get the Event Centre built

July 26, 2021

Details of the new agreement between Calgary Sports and Entertainment & The City have been released by #yyccc and are available at It’s important that Calgarians can see for themselves what this agreement means. 

This is great for Calgary’s economy but not all the benefits are felt by one organization. Hundreds of small businesses will benefit from the deal but none of them could pay for the arena on their own. This includes restaurants and bars, hotels, local artists, promoters, etc. 

The Flames are paying a lot of money to make this happen because they will benefit from having a better arena for hockey games. Yet the public also benefits from owning the arena because it means we can also host numerous large concerts, festivals, and entertainment events. 

This is also about supporting local.

This is also about supporting local. Calgarians have to drive north to Edmonton and spend their money in another city if they want to see A-list events. 

This deal is among the best ever negotiated in Canada. New Terms Highlights (TBC):

  • The Flames ownership covers 53% of costs; City of Calgary covers 47%
  • The Flames ownership absorbs all cost overruns
  • The City of Calgary retains 100% ownership of the facility
  • The Flames remain in Calgary for at least 35 more years 
  • The facility supports growth opportunities for tourism and hospitality, new private investment, major concerts and events, community events, and major sporting events

The Event Centre is about more than events. It’s about how we build Calgary’s future. Here are 5 reasons Jeff is voting yes:

  1. The facility offers a new home for major sports,  concerts, and other events that will boost tourism, hospitality, and jobs
  2. It will bring the world’s biggest musical and entertainment acts back to Calgary rather than skipping us for Vancouver, Edmonton, and Saskatoon. This facility offers us the chance to grow a provincial music ecosystem that currently generates nearly $3 billion a year and supports more than 20,000 jobs 
  3. The facility will help make Calgary a major destination for visitors from around the world and boost our hospitality sector including hotels, bars, and restaurants
  4. The facility will let Calgarians gather for community festivals and local events, plus provide new opportunities for family recreation
  5. The facility attracts new private investment. Similar to what happened in the East Village, the Culture and Entertainment District will attract new development

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