Meet Jeff Davison, Candidate for Mayor

Husband, father and life-long Calgarian

Life in Calgary has been a struggle for the last few years – and it’s reinforced the importance of a supportive family, close friends, and a solid sense of community.

As a born and raised Calgarian, I’m proud of my reputation for bringing people together, finding common ground, and building policies and programs that work for everyone. Calgary isn’t about where you came from, it’s about why you came here. We’re all here for the same reason: a better life.

I saw my parents struggle to build a life in Calgary during the 80s. Now, I have three young children myself. I’m determined to help our City grow by building on our strengths as an entrepreneurial city and energy hub while balancing economic, social, and environmental priorities.

“Calgary knows it can once again be the centre for business in Western Canada,” says Jeff. “The question isn’t if, but how. My job is to help deliver the how.”

Term One Highlights

After twenty years in the energy and technology sectors, I was elected in 2017 to bring a strong business focus to Council. I have served on the Board of Directors for Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, Calgary Economic Development, and the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund (established to attract investment in transformative Calgary businesses).

I’m passionate about Calgary’s role in international movie and tv production. That’s why I've been such a strong booster of Calgary’s multi-billion dollar creative and digital media industries.

As a Director of The Calgary Film Centre, I helped the facility increase its occupancy rate from 20% to 100% between 2018 and 2020.

When my Council colleagues entrusted me with the role as Chair of the City’s Transportation and Transit committee 4 years ago, I knew it would be a big job - and it has been. The biggest challenge has been balancing the City’s ongoing transportation needs with our economic realities. Based on our modified approach to the Green Line development, I think we’ve struck the right balance.

To learn more about my career before politics please visit my LinkedIn page.

Achieving Bold Solutions 

Calgarians have always been self-reliant. We’re independent thinkers and doers. We’re wired to create and explore. That’s still in our DNA. But over the last decade, we seem to have lost confidence in ourselves.

I was a kid during the ‘88 Olympics. We really punched above our weight hosting that big international event. And we did it better than any other community in the world. We gained the benefit of that one bold move for decades.

We gained the benefit of that one bold move for decades.

Calgary was suddenly on the international map, and it led to capital investment and community infrastructure. But that opportunity sprang up from the confidence in ourselves as a community.

To grow again, we need to reclaim that spirit of boldness. The Event Centre is a good example. When initial conversations between the City and Flames owners about a new arena collapsed, I figured there must be a workable solution.

After taking some time to hear out both sides. I invited an independent consultant to help build an expanded vision for a larger event centre around the existing Stampede grounds that would meet the needs of the Flames and The City.

After decades of talking, the Event Centre is now a reality. We’ll be breaking ground on the facility in the fall.

The new Event Centre will be a gathering place for concerts, assemblies, festivals, professional and amateur sport, and options for outdoor gathering.

The Event Centre is just one project in our Downtown Strategy that imagines downtown as more than a maze of offices, but a mix of residential, office, retail, entertainment, tourism, and cultural spaces. This variety of spaces and experiences will help us make downtown THE place to work and play - moving the core from vacancy to vibrancy.

Improving Life in Calgary

The key to success in any organization is people. My team works incredibly hard to meet the needs of our constituents in Ward 6. Our talented team is committed to improving life for everyone we serve.

A milestone of this term includes creating and expanding parks and community spaces across Ward 6:

  • Springbank Hill Community Park: a 7-acre gathering place and community hub right in the heart of the Ward. This project was a dream of the Springbank Hill Community Association, who have created a park for all Calgarians to enjoy.
  • New public spaces in West Springs and Signal Hill.
  • New playgrounds in Glamorgan and Glendale.
  • A new 10 acre public space in Cougar Ridge.

Traffic networking and safety was a big mandate of my first term. Significant improvements for Ward 6 roads included:

  • $20 million Bow Trail expansion.
  • Sarcee and Richmond Road redesign in preparation for the future interchange and 37th Street Main Street upgrades.
  • A plan to evaluate an interchange at Bow Trail and Sarcee - something that has never before been studied.
  • Assessed problematic and dangerous intersections in every community in Ward 6 including Old Banff Coach Road and Cougar Ridge Drive.
  • Traffic calming measures or crosswalks throughout the Ward.
  • Advocacy for a footbridge at Sirocco LRT station to improve flow of traffic, pedestrian safety and transit access - something that was promised during the west leg of the LRT and was never fulfilled.
  • Prioritizing community connectivity and walk-ability across the Ward.

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